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סט פאנקלאסטיק
סט פאנקלאסטיק
סט פאנקלאסטיק

#Fanclastic - the Russian three-dimensional constructionFANCLASTIC is an innovative patented building toy that was designed in Russia. The toy distinguishes itself as the first building kit designed in consideration with disadvantages of Lego and other brick toys. Elements of Fanclastic connect in three different ways allowing you to build authentic, massive, strong models, and complete them from any side.

Fanclastic has almost unlimited opportunities to build models turning a creative process into a useful activity. It forms spatial thinking and aesthetic perception, develops fine motor skills, attention, patience and creativity. Also it is used at schools as a part of edutainment activity.

Super strong element connections allow playing with models, drop them on the floor, and move them around.

The Fanclastic construction sets are compatible with each other and have Lego adapters.

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